DOMus (TN)

The real estate business unit of ex Galeoni – casa Battisti represents one of the last shreds of Trento’s historic centre not yet recovered. The elaborate project for the private inventation ideas’ competition born from the will to recover at new life an ancient urban landscape makeing it to become a central spine on which inserting the new functions. The existing volumes’ development is maintained and revitalised with the introduction of a new central nucleus that allows to descend the vertical communication’s elements optimiseing the available space inside the volumes. The tower’s element is characterised by a receptive function that allows the architectural valorization while the body towards Piazza Duomo becomes the headquarters of a great commercial space that culminates on the roof with a panoramic cafè.

private invitation ideas’ competition
Trento (TN)

in collaboration with ing. Iacopo Benini, arch. Chiara Castelluzzo, ing. Carlo Di Mauro, arch. Alessandro Franceschini, arch. Pierluca Malcotti, Luca Maffei