Each planning and building activity involves a transformation of the places where we live, the same places where the project tries to answer to housing request, occupation, recreation or culture: a habitat change that constitutes a physical and abstract transformation where natural and material resources are moved and consumed over the entire construction’s life cycle. Quadrostudio was born from the necessity and the profit to investigate this relations between places, matter and people.

The will to create a professional group of highly qualified professionals that can deal with the challenge of planning and manage the urban and construction process derives from the necessity to provide a complete and multidisciplinary answer to the transformation of places and building activity.

The competences of professionals that work to Quadrostudio are inspired to the creation of projects technically and architecturally innovative, to the planning of a territorial and urban development, eco-friendly and socially advanced, to the planning of constructive and technological aspects, to the qualified consultation in the most specific settings of the discipline tied to technical professions.

Quadrostudio can offer services and specific consultations in the principal settings of architectural, construction, environmental, territorial and urban planning to clients and public administration, to qualified investors and others professionals of the tertiary sector.

The incessant relation between the different settings and the various scales of intervention requires competence and diversified experiences, that allow the Quadrostudio specialists to plan and guide the entire planning process, from the first planning stages, to the construction site until the correct realization of the work. The professional activity is divided between the daily work in studio and construction site and the continuous training and enrichment of competences, capacities and experiences; the presence and experience on the territory and the capacity to provide advanced services in each demand level qualify the transversal and complete competence.